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Nine (9) Powerful skin-loving botanicals to nourish and tone your skin. Babchi is a natural retinol alternative. Licorice brightens skin. Solomon Seal heals. Rose nourishes. Guta Kola “Herb of Longevity” for circulation. Lavender is anti-inflammatory, cleans pores, and reduces swelling. Camomile fights free-radical damage, eliminates scars. Yarrow aids in the regeneration of skin cells. Creosote heals and protects from environmental stressors. If you have one serum, Elixir №9 should be it. 

Sensory experience:

Feel the luxury of 9 powerful skin-loving botanicals infused into the most rejuvenating oils available. Notes of apricot and plum with the subtle undertones of jasmine tea.

How to use: 

Massage 9 drops into face, neck, and chest morning and night.


creosote, calendula, yarrow, gota kola, solomon seal, arnica, chamomile, licorice, lavender, rose, jasmine tea, green tea, babchi, carrot seed oil, rose hip seed oil, apricot seed oil, plum seed oil

100% organic 

15ml or 30ml | glass bottle

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